Digitizing the airspace

AiRXOS is taking on the global challenge of the digital drone economy and changing the future of transportation.

Driven by innovation

AiRXOS brings a truly unique combination of a Silicon Valley agile software, built on a foundation of aircraft safety and certification, Safety Management System (SMS), and a detailed understanding of the economic metrics driving successful Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) programs.  

AiRXOS works closely with the FAA and other Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP)/Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) around the world, as well as with Enterprise and Public Safety organizations, to help navigate the complexities of advanced drone operations and meet these complexities with extensible technologies that enable scalable, economical UAS programs.

Defined by safety

AiRXOS is digitizing today’s airspace. With exceptional people worldwide, we combine industry leading technology and services, a legacy of 100 years of GE aviation experience and global expertise, and a comprehensive partner ecosystem to provide our customers with a robust end-to-end solution and the core values of safety, integrity, and quality. Our goal is to set the global standard for UAS safety, technology, and advanced operations. 

Delivering real world results

While the industry is nascent and still evolving, AiRXOS’ domain expertise, real-world UAS Traffic Management (UTM) experience, FAA and NASA program operations, robust partner ecosystem, and industry leadership makes us uniquely positioned to deliver efficient, economical, and tested solutions. We strive, and continue, to deliver end-to-end solution and real-world results for our customers. Here are some ‘firsts’ we have pioneered:
  • Built the first UTM corridor in the US for the State of Ohio
  • Supported the world’s first human organ for transplant delivered by drone
  • Achieved the first Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) with integrated Radar in the Permian Basin, TX
  • Performed the first on-airport inspection of an aircraft not in a hangar
  • Along with GE Aviation, performed first of its kind flight demonstrations for the Airborne Collision Avoidance System for small unmanned aircraft (ACAS-sXu) demonstrating Detect and Avoid

The “X” is silent

AiRXOS is pronounced ‘Air-ohss’. While the X is silent, its power is significant – the four points of the X represent where a new era of transportation all comes together – a convergence of air, ground, manned, and unmanned. As the world moves closer to using UAS to reduce risk, gain productivity, and enable new paths to revenue, AiRXOS is uniquely equipped to deliver all the critical components of a world class solution.